Week 11


Featuring- Cruture

Inside Track- This is the lead track off the LP "The Great Unkonwn" from my latest group project "Cruture" with Cru Jones; my day-one homey and long time collaborator. We mashed up our styles, our names, and our vision and thus Cru Jones and Phaze Future became "Cruture". "Sunbuner" was the first track we made after deciding that we would stop making random one off joints (a couple of which made this album) and focus it into a fully realized Lp. We had a session where we just cooked a meal and went through samples. Cru had just returned from tour and bought this Max Roach record which blew our minds. We got to chopping it up immediately, and Bang... insta-classic. 

See ya'll on the internets next week with more of that good good!

Quotable (Cuz lyrics still matter!)- "...apocalypse in ya midst/ they feeling like Lionel Rich they dancin' in the streets/ the stanza's commandments/ got standards to meet/ enchanted the champion go Manson on beats/ I beast and start a massacre in iambic pentameter/ panoramic view my vision/ 3rd eyes in your camera..." 

Week 10

"Mr. Automatic"

Inside Track-  Hmmm, should I reveal my hand and  tell ya'll how old this joint is? Here's a hint, J.Dilla just passed when I wrote this. I was coming off playing 3 shows in 5 days, was in a crazy zone, and wanted to lay something down while I was still carrying that energy. 

This cut was originally going to be on the second Vinyl Life LP that never happened (sorry world) and was written to this crazy dance track. But because I loved the concept and verses so much I did a few versions of "Mr. Automatic".  This ended up being my favorite. Shout out to Dilla on the instrumental. Truly the greatest of all time. 

Catch ya'll next week with some more fire...

Quotable (Cuz lyrics still matter!)-"...They say "domo origato"/ make oragami creatures out the creases in my covo/ love potion number 9/ she sippin out my bottle/ a part-time student and a part-time model..."

Week 8


Featuring - Smash Mechanics

Inside Track- Magic happens in the studio sometimes. Dub.z had this amazing Georgio Moroder sample and as soon as I heard it, I could see my life being played out like a movie. Some songs take awhile to write, and it's a task to tell your entire life story in 2 twelve bar verses(no lie!). But this track came together so effortlessly. I think it happened cause me and Tru had the exact same epiphany at the same time. 

The chorus has one of my favorite lines "...If we was in another time/ when we get to go beyond digital/ would you still be trying to find/ a way back to the days you thought you knew?"  How much time in the present will you spend looking back? How clear is your memory? what will you still cherish when your 25? 35? 55? 75?... Deep thoughts with Jack Handy.

Thank you for taking this trip down memory lane with us, and comeback next week for more of this hi potent future music.

Quotable (cuz Lyrics still Matter!)- "...Bustin Kid-n-Play moves/ watch me do the bus stop/ Them cut rock fiends and streets was savage/ But the culture was live, that's why the era was classic/ I used to mack it to my baby sitter/ said I was cute/ so I squeezed her a$$ to see if she was telling the truth..."

Week 7

"Walk Away"

Featuring-Smash Mechanics

Inside Track- Those four letter words in relationships are real scary. Whether it's "f+ck you"or "love you" it can be a tough thing to process, and how you respond to those statements has a huge ripple effect on everything in our lives. I found myself running from that L word a lot when this song was written and caught up in a crazy cycle of breaking up and falling back in with a few girls, while trying to figure out what it was I wanted. "Walk Away" is one of those tracks where the creative process really became a therapeutic process. That roller coaster of emotions and regrets in letting someone go is something we've all experienced. 

Quotable (cuz Lyrics still Matter!)-"Things happen for a reason/ the reason/ that we can't be together it was easy believin'/ that we could make amends for the seasons/ mend her broken heart, though her heart is deceiving/ caught up in between it, like a median, meaning/ that she's torn between should I keep him or leave him? cause all them pretty words ya say don't mean sh*t/ What good is promise if you don't intend to keep it.../

Week 2

Welcome to this weeks edition of future 52! This time we're getting nostalgic with the ultra classic Smash Mechanics joint-"Right Now" produced by the legendary Jefferson jackson. Over the course of a decade me and my brother Tru Pro aka Delorian Tokes put in work as Smash Mechanics and amassed hundreds of songs. This right here though, this track really marked an evolution in our sound, and is not just my one of my favorite Smash songs but one of my favorite Hip-Hop songs of all time . This is one of those rare tracks that came together perfectly, and really epitomized everything Smash was about. Philosophy, family, style, substance, and of course a ton of soul.

Download for Free here: 


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Enjoy this previously unreleased Gem from the smash archives, and best believe next week "Let's do it again"!!!

-Phaze Future 4k

Welcome to FUTURE 52

Welcome to FUTURE 52- For the next 52 weeks I will be dropping a new/previously unreleased piece of audio magic every week til the calendar says Jan.2016...That's right. New Music. EVERY week. For 1 year. (crazy right???)

We're setting off Future 52 in grand style with the release of my brand new 4 track EP "The Gift"-.... A project to thank you for the continued love and support, and for waiting so patiently for me to get this music to you. With production from the always outstanding Jefferson Jackson, Oddisee, and Tall Black Guy. Special Features from the Lovely Sara Auster, and mixed and mastered by the young Jedi- R. Spitzer.

Listen on sound cloud:   https://soundcloud.com/phazefuture/sets/the-gift-mixtap

Download "The Gift" for free here:   https://future4eva.bandcamp.com/album/the-gift-ep

While you're at it head to iTunes and pick up the latest Project from Love Skills called "Pure". This amazing Ep from my brother and long time collaborator Richie Roxx features yours truly, and is one of the best things you'll hear all year!!!