Week 8


Featuring - Smash Mechanics

Inside Track- Magic happens in the studio sometimes. Dub.z had this amazing Georgio Moroder sample and as soon as I heard it, I could see my life being played out like a movie. Some songs take awhile to write, and it's a task to tell your entire life story in 2 twelve bar verses(no lie!). But this track came together so effortlessly. I think it happened cause me and Tru had the exact same epiphany at the same time. 

The chorus has one of my favorite lines "...If we was in another time/ when we get to go beyond digital/ would you still be trying to find/ a way back to the days you thought you knew?"  How much time in the present will you spend looking back? How clear is your memory? what will you still cherish when your 25? 35? 55? 75?... Deep thoughts with Jack Handy.

Thank you for taking this trip down memory lane with us, and comeback next week for more of this hi potent future music.

Quotable (cuz Lyrics still Matter!)- "...Bustin Kid-n-Play moves/ watch me do the bus stop/ Them cut rock fiends and streets was savage/ But the culture was live, that's why the era was classic/ I used to mack it to my baby sitter/ said I was cute/ so I squeezed her a$$ to see if she was telling the truth..."