Week 7

"Walk Away"

Featuring-Smash Mechanics

Inside Track- Those four letter words in relationships are real scary. Whether it's "f+ck you"or "love you" it can be a tough thing to process, and how you respond to those statements has a huge ripple effect on everything in our lives. I found myself running from that L word a lot when this song was written and caught up in a crazy cycle of breaking up and falling back in with a few girls, while trying to figure out what it was I wanted. "Walk Away" is one of those tracks where the creative process really became a therapeutic process. That roller coaster of emotions and regrets in letting someone go is something we've all experienced. 

Quotable (cuz Lyrics still Matter!)-"Things happen for a reason/ the reason/ that we can't be together it was easy believin'/ that we could make amends for the seasons/ mend her broken heart, though her heart is deceiving/ caught up in between it, like a median, meaning/ that she's torn between should I keep him or leave him? cause all them pretty words ya say don't mean sh*t/ What good is promise if you don't intend to keep it.../