Week 11


Featuring- Cruture

Inside Track- This is the lead track off the LP "The Great Unkonwn" from my latest group project "Cruture" with Cru Jones; my day-one homey and long time collaborator. We mashed up our styles, our names, and our vision and thus Cru Jones and Phaze Future became "Cruture". "Sunbuner" was the first track we made after deciding that we would stop making random one off joints (a couple of which made this album) and focus it into a fully realized Lp. We had a session where we just cooked a meal and went through samples. Cru had just returned from tour and bought this Max Roach record which blew our minds. We got to chopping it up immediately, and Bang... insta-classic. 

See ya'll on the internets next week with more of that good good!

Quotable (Cuz lyrics still matter!)- "...apocalypse in ya midst/ they feeling like Lionel Rich they dancin' in the streets/ the stanza's commandments/ got standards to meet/ enchanted the champion go Manson on beats/ I beast and start a massacre in iambic pentameter/ panoramic view my vision/ 3rd eyes in your camera..."