Week 10

"Mr. Automatic"

Inside Track-  Hmmm, should I reveal my hand and  tell ya'll how old this joint is? Here's a hint, J.Dilla just passed when I wrote this. I was coming off playing 3 shows in 5 days, was in a crazy zone, and wanted to lay something down while I was still carrying that energy. 

This cut was originally going to be on the second Vinyl Life LP that never happened (sorry world) and was written to this crazy dance track. But because I loved the concept and verses so much I did a few versions of "Mr. Automatic".  This ended up being my favorite. Shout out to Dilla on the instrumental. Truly the greatest of all time. 

Catch ya'll next week with some more fire...

Quotable (Cuz lyrics still matter!)-"...They say "domo origato"/ make oragami creatures out the creases in my covo/ love potion number 9/ she sippin out my bottle/ a part-time student and a part-time model..."