Week 2

Welcome to this weeks edition of future 52! This time we're getting nostalgic with the ultra classic Smash Mechanics joint-"Right Now" produced by the legendary Jefferson jackson. Over the course of a decade me and my brother Tru Pro aka Delorian Tokes put in work as Smash Mechanics and amassed hundreds of songs. This right here though, this track really marked an evolution in our sound, and is not just my one of my favorite Smash songs but one of my favorite Hip-Hop songs of all time . This is one of those rare tracks that came together perfectly, and really epitomized everything Smash was about. Philosophy, family, style, substance, and of course a ton of soul.

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Enjoy this previously unreleased Gem from the smash archives, and best believe next week "Let's do it again"!!!

-Phaze Future 4k