Alex Falk, founder of Atonal meditation, is a certified sound therapy practitioner, musician, educator and substance abuse/ violence prevention counselor for the New York City board of education.

In 2013, Alex began facilitating public sound baths and large scale meditation events individually and with his long time partner (sound therapy practitioner and meditation teacher) Sara Auster. Since then he has partnered with programs like the Big Quiet, Medi-Club and Ziva Meditation, and has offered sound baths at venues such as Lincoln Center, the Rubin Museum and the New York Society for Ethical Culture.
In 2014 he began introducing the healing and transformative power of sound to one of NYC's most underserved populations, our public school students. He has since brought mindfulness and mediation programs into public elementary and high schools across the 5 boroughs. 

Alex guides students through sound meditations and mindfulness practices, giving them the tools to access and support states of deep relaxation. The result of his work has shown positive change in behavior and academic performance, as well as a deeper sense of the students' self awareness.